//Green River Literacy and Learning Center (Manhattan Location)

Green River Literacy and Learning Center (Manhattan Location)

Coursework and practicum follow the standards and curricula set forth by the Academy. This training includes 65 coursework hours: 45 hours of pre-practicum instruction and 20 hours of practicum seminars. The practicum consists of 100 hours of 1:1 tutoring and 10 hours of observation with feedback from course trainers. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees will be eligible to apply to AOGPE for certification at the Associate level. Graduate credits available. Professional development credits available if employed by the New York State Department of Education. For details speak with the course trainers.

Course topics include: Administration of informal diagnostic assessments, creating OG lesson plans, Neurological underpinning of dyslexia and the needs of dyslexic learners, phonological awareness, sound-symbol relations, reliable spelling patterns, syllable structure of the English language, morphemic statue of the English language, diagnostic-prescriptive teaching, research-based multisensory, direct and systemic instruction that can transfer to a classroom setting, handwriting instruction, basic comprehension skills, preparing the application to the AOGPE for Associate level certification.

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree
Fellow: Laurie Cousseau, F/AOGPE and Katie Takayanagi, Fellow-in-Training