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Board, Committee & Staff Members

Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators

Board of Trustees


All board members are Fellows of the Academy

Sheila Costello, President
Marcia Mann, 1st Vice President
Beth McClure, 2nd Vice President
Trudy Odle, Treasurer
Diane Milner, Secretary
Mary Briggs
Lisa Brooks
Rosalie Davis
Ann Edwards
Louise Freese
Janet George
Jean Hayward
Amy Lawrence
Karen Leopold
Norma Jean McHugh
Susan Santora
Theresea Petersen


Alicia Sartori, MPA, Executive Director

Margaret Deister, Administrative Assistant

AOGPE Standing Committees

The Academy relies on the work of its committees to assist in governing the activities of the organization. Committees have agendas and rules, work on assigned tasks, and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Each of the committees’ reports on its progress, while the Board of Trustees makes decisions on committee recommendations.

Accreditation Committeereviews all applications and recommends qualified programs for accreditation/approval by the Board of Trustees. Membership on the Accreditation Committee is limited to Fellows of the Academy.

Lisa Brooks, Chair
Laurie Cousseau
Gena Farinholt
Louise Freese
Marcella Fulmer
Janet George
Pam Reynolds
PK Sanieski

Fundraising Committee – is responsible for the planning and implementation of fund raising.

Rosalie Davis, Chair

Information Outreach Committee (IOC) – plans, prepares, and sees to the timely distribution of Academy information. This includes the planning of educational programs and conferences.

Karen Leopold, Chair
Dawn Nieman, Newsletter Editor
Peggy Price, Newsletter Editor
Heidi Bishop
Maryann Chatfield
Colleen Chow
Louise Dowd
John Howell
Lynn Lamping
Lisa Neuhoff
Nancy Redding

Nominating Committeenominates candidates to serve as members of the Board and as Board officers.

Trudy Odle
Rosalie Davis
Jean Hayward

Program Committee – plans Academy conferences and programs. 
Amy Lawrence, Chair
Josie Calamari
Carrie Malloy
Jenni Miller
Alicia Sartori
Anne Vickers

Research Committeeencourages research relevant to the Orton-Gillingham Approach and promotes dissemination of such data.

John Howell, Chair

Standards Committeedetermines the curricular requirements for certification and accreditation.

Mary Briggs, Chair
Linda Atamian
Norma Jean McHugh
Deb Morris
Trudy Odle
Marcia Ramsey
Concha Wyatt

Standing Committees with Anonymous Members

  • Certifying Committee – reviews applications and recommends qualified candidates for approval by the Board. Membership on the Certifying Committee is limited to Fellows of the Academy.
  • Professional Ethics Committee – inquiries into complaints bearing upon alleged failure by individual members and Institutional members of the Academy to adhere to the professional standards of the Academy.

Additional Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

  • Bylaws Committee
    Karen Leopold, Chair
    Mary Briggs
  • Council of Organizational Memberspromotes the Academy’s mission with special attention to its accredited schools, camps, and clinics.
  • Honorary Membership
  • Library Committee
    Marcia Mann, Chair
    John Howell
    David Katz
  • Ruth Harris Professional Development Award Scholarship Committee