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Orton-Gillingham Practitioner Certification

Training by a Fellow & Certification through the Academy

The Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE) is an accrediting and certifying body dedicated to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards for the practice of the Orton-Gillingham (OG) Approach for the treatment of dyslexia. OG is an approach that prepares the practitioner to individualize instruction to meet the specific needs of each learner.

One of the primary ways the Academy pursues its mission is through a practitioner Certification Program validating rigorous training standards set forth by the Academy. Upon completion of Academy training with a Fellow, an applicant submits specific credentials and documentation that are reviewed against these criteria and standards set by the Academy at four different levels of certification: 

  1. Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator Level, OGCE/AOGPE is qualified to apply the principles of the OG Approach to modify and provide literacy instruction for the classroom or small groups.
  1. Associate Level, A/AOGPE, Option A member is qualified to provide 1:1 OG instruction under the mentorship of an Academy Fellow. The Associate B member is qualified to provide 1:1 and small group instruction under the mentorship of an Academy Fellow.
  1. Certified Level, C/AOGPE members are independent practitioners qualified to teach/tutor individuals and teach small groups using the OG Approach.
  1. Fellow Level, F/AOGPE members are independent practitioners qualified to train and supervise other professionals in the OG Approach. They are also qualified to tutor individuals, and provide literacy instruction for the classroom and small groups.

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These four levels represent a continuum of increasing training, experience, and professional competency.

Orton-Gillingham Training includes:

  • The nature of the dyslexic learner
  • Understanding the neurobiology of reading
  • Understanding of reading development from decoding to reading for knowledge
  • The OG Approach: principles and knowledge of lesson plan design
  • Knowledge of the history and structure of the language
  • Knowledge of the basic assessment measures
  • Intensive supervised practicum

In addition to these Individual Certifications, there is a Subscriber membership available to individuals who have taken a basic introduction to the Orton-Gillingham Approach. The Subscriber member is not a certified member, but rather an informed consumer.

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The Academy provides an objective and professional assessment of individual training through a Certifying Committee made up of well-trained and highly experienced Orton-Gillingham Fellows.

Training by a Fellow

Academy training relies on coursework and practicum delivered by an Academy Fellow. Fellows are certified by AOGPE as independent practitioners to deliver the Academy curriculum. Because the training is done by Fellows, the Academy does not train, it only certifies and accredits, eliminating the conflict of interest where training and certification is done by the same organization.

Why get OG training by a Fellow and Certification through AOGPE?

The Academy has deep roots. It was established by its Founding Fellows, who were either trained directly by Dr. Samuel Orton,  Anna Gillingham, Bessie Stillman, June Lyday Orton, Paula Rome or other individuals trained by the previously mentioned individuals. The Academy trains people to use the Orton-Gillingham Approach with students of any age—pre-k through adult. We do not follow a set scope and sequence. What is important is that the teacher/tutor understand how to use and implement the OG teaching techniques and procedures. It involves how to teach/remediate all areas of literacy, not just reading and spelling and to provide this instruction one-on-one, in a classroom, or with any size group. We provide not only the knowledge-base with our coursework but also the practical experience and support learning how to apply the knowledge-base.

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