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Training Information

Training by a Fellow or an Academy Accredited Program

Academy training relies on coursework and practicum delivered by an Academy Fellow. Fellows are certified by AOGPE as independent practitioners to deliver the Academy curriculum. Academy Accredited Training Programs rely on Fellow(s) to deliver OG instruction approved by AOGPE.

Because the training is done by Fellows, the Academy does not train, it only certifies and accredits, eliminating the conflict of interest where training and certification is done by the same organization.

AOGPE Fellows

Fellows have been certified as having the training and experience necessary to independently train others in the OG Approach. Fellows follow the Academy’s curriculum and are expected to provide instruction consistent with the highest standards.

Certification Committee

The Academy provides an objective and professional assessment of individual training through a Certifying Committee made up of well-trained and highly experienced Orton-Gillingham Fellows.

Options for Training with Fellows

  1. Working with individual Fellow(s)
  2. Working with an Accredited Training Fellow (ATF)
  3. Enrolling in an Academy Accredited Training Program 
    • Accredited Training Programs have met standards that enable trainees to apply, on a rolling basis, through the Accredited Training Track (ATT) Process to the Certifying Committee for the Associate and/or the Certified levels.
    • Click here for Accredited Training programs

Examples of Scheduling for Training  

  1. If you are a teacher with summers available, look for training that allows for coursework in the summer and practicum throughout the year with a Fellow through video or website platform.
  1. If there are no Fellows or training programs near you, your option is to travel to receive training.
  1. If a group of teachers is in search of training, the Academy will assist in locating a Fellow who travels to train.

Cost of Training

The cost of Orton-Gillingham training varies. Check with the Fellow or the Accredited Training Program for the cost of coursework and practicum. The Academy does not set the fee schedule for independent contractors or accredited sites.

Coursework & Practicum

Each of the four levels requires coursework hours and supervised practicum.

  1. Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator, OGCE/AOGPE
  2. Associate Level, A/AOGPE
  3. Certified Level, C/AOGPE
  4. Fellow Level, F/AOPGE

Find a Training Fellow or an Accredited Training Program

Click here for Training Fellows & Locations

Click here for Accredited Training Programs


Click here for Application Information

Link to FluidReview for the online application: https://orton-gillingham.fluidreview.com