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The Alliance

In October 2016, AOGPE joined The Alliance for Accreditation and Certification of Dyslexia Specialists. 

Why did AOGPE join the Alliance?
Our three organizations (ALTA, IMSLEC and AOGPE) represent training, accreditation, and certification programs that have been in existence for over twenty years with well-established processes in place to certify individuals and accredit organizations who meet rigorous standards. Our organizations recognize that individuals with a diagnosed language learning disability or dyslexia require specialized and diagnostic instruction from a highly trained teacher. Each of our organizations certifies teachers who have met rigorous standards, including a practicum mentored by a highly qualified instructor. Together we represent over 11,000 certified teachers. We firmly stand behind our standards as necessary for teachers of individuals with dyslexia to learn to read and write with proficiency. Our trainers are experienced in teaching dyslexic students and have completed comprehensive training in addition to attaining each level of membership.

Does this affect Academy Certification and Accreditation?
Certification and Accreditation through the Academy remains the same.

Is training going to be reciprocated by the organizations?
The organizations acknowledge that we share common essentials and we recognize the credentials of each organization. However, there is no direct reciprocity of training between the organizations.

How will the organizations work together?
The organizations have agreed to work collaboratively to advance the understanding of both the efficacy and importance of our training models and to maintain the high standards of the field for the benefit of individuals with dyslexia whom we serve.

The Alliance encourages participation at conference and workshops offered by each organization, recognizing each others CEU’s and opening more opportunity for our members to attend continuing education in a wider geographical area.