//Camp Spring Creek

Camp Spring Creek

Certified Level Training, Part I and Part II.– This program contains a continuation of curricular material designed to meet the criteria used by the Academy in reviewing applications for Certified membership. It includes: study of advanced morphology, advanced word structure, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, study skills, systematic and sequential written expression, creating criterion referenced tests, understanding of psychological, sociological, educational factors affecting older children; educational evaluation and informal screening. Participants who wish to apply to the Academy at the Certified Level must enroll in a total 200 hour practicum (100 hours per level of instruction). Parts I and II, combined with the practicum, are designed to meet the criteria used by the Academy in its review of applicants for membership at the Certified level.

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree
Part I: Successful completion of the Associate level
Part II: Successful completion of OG Certified Course I

Fellow: Susie van der Vorst, F/AOGPE