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Key Learning Center

Course I – Orton-Gillingham Foundations

This 30-hour class is Part A of the Associate/Teaching Level Coursework. It provides an introduction to OG Multisensory Structured Language. As a stand-alone course, it serves as an overview of the principles of the approach. As a step towards qualified teaching or tutoring, it must be combined with Course II. Together, the two classes complete the coursework requirements for beginning level OG certification

Course II – Associate/Teaching Level

This 50-hour Part B of Key’s OG training immerses you in a hands-on teaching experience. Course participants work in Language Learning Teams with close supervision by experienced OG teachers as each member of the team assesses a student and then develops and teaches individualized O-G lessons. Read more about this class.

Prerequisite: Course I, OG Foundations (or approved comparable course)
Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree
Fellows: Diane Milner, F/AOGPE & Concha Wyatt, F/AOGPE