//Kildonan Teacher Training Institute

Kildonan Teacher Training Institute

Certified Level – Course I
40 hours of coursework

Certified Level – Course II
Offered Fall 2017
40 hours of coursework

Certified Level I course includes the following topics:

-Knowledge of dyslexia and reading disabilities
-Review of basic phonology and handwriting instruction
-Case management and professional communications
-Formal and informal assessment measures
-Understanding and interpretation of standardized testing
-Student profile and matching lesson plans
-Knowledge of methods and programs derived from O.G.

Certified Level — Course II

Certified Level II course includes the following topics:

-The stages of words attack and the O.G. lesson plan
-Review of phonology, phonics, and handwriting instruction
-Study of morphology and advanced elements of the language
-Exploration of the systematic, structured writing process
-Teaching of vocabulary, comprehension, pragmatics, and study skills
-AOGPE Code of Ethics

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree; Member of the Academy at the Associate level
Fellow: Kathleen Stewart, F/AOGPE, Laurie Cousseau, ATF/AOGPE, Christine Thompson, FIT/AOGPE