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Riverside School

This is an intense 10-day, 60-hour course that will meet all of the coursework requirements for AOGPE Associate Level Certification. It involves 45 hours of coursework in the OG approach, dyslexia, the brain, assessment, phonology, the structure of language and how to teach it, morphology, handwriting, reading comprehension, and how to write and implement an OG lesson plan. Coursework includes lectures, daily reading, homework, discussions, demonstrations, videos, and hands-on practice of multi-sensory procedures and strategies. It also involves 15 hours of Applied Practice time putting what you’ve learned into practice with a student. A mentor teacher will help you write and implement eight 45-minute lessons with a Riverside student, providing you with daily observation and feedback.

At the end of the course, individuals interested in pursuing Associate Level Certification with the Academy and who need the 100 hour practicum are welcome to interview for our two available Associate Practicum spots starting in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree
Fellows: Carolyn Webb, F/AOGPE & Nancy Spencer, F/AOGPE, & Cynthia Davis, FIT/AOGPE