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Dyslexia Tech in the Structured Literacy Classroom

This 6 hour workshop will provide Orton-Gillingham instructors with the opportunity to learn and apply technology tools to streamline and individualize small group and classroom instruction.

There is substantial research that points to the effectiveness of structured literacy approaches, such as Orton-Gillingham, for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.  In fact, Orton-Gillingham is an effective approach for all readers.  While the OG Approach has traditionally followed a 1-1 model, the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners has embraced a Classroom Educator model, in the hopes of providing more educators with the tools to provide dyslexic students with effective instruction.  The challenge becomes how best to deliver that instruction in a small group environment.

The use of technology (Smartboards, iPads, apps, and websites) can make OG classroom instruction a multisensory process that is engaging while maintaining the essence of what makes that approach so beneficial for dyslexic students.  An Orton-Gillingham Fellow and a Director of Technology will share how they have collaborated to include technology as an instructive and assistive tool following the traditional OG approach in the small group and classroom settings.  In addition, participants will engage in hands-on practice to develop tools to use in their own classrooms and practices.

The session will focus on the use of interactive whiteboards, iPad apps, and web-based tools to engage in multi-sensory OG instruction.  The tools we will explore include but are not limited to:

Google Suite






Read & Write

Participants will:

  • Review the format of a structured literacy lesson following the Orton-Gillingham model.
  • Identify 4 specific ways to integrate interactive Notebook software as a way to deliver the lesson and engage the student.
  • Practice with a minimum of 4 content creation tools for content delivery.
  • Demonstrate 4 iOS apps that can be used to meet instructional goals related to multisensory systematic instruction.

Prerequisites: AOGPE Classroom Educator or above

Instructors: Theresa Collins, ATF/AOGPE; Sharon Plante, CE/AOGPE